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Handmade Roll-On Essential Oils

screen-shot-2017-01-06-at-2-03-48-pmIt’s all the rage, breathing in the aroma of essential oils assigned by ailment.  {sigh}  It’s a lot to take in when you’re new to the fold, the craze, the circus.  I thought to share my simpler approach to it all. I’m not one for buying these oils from big-box brands, having to sign up, when I can order them from a quality, bulk supplier in the Midwest.  Just my take.  To each their own. I also prefer a slim and pretty roll-on, to carrying the dripper-style bottles in my bag.  These were very fun to make and links are included in several keywords as this post continues – so you may research and order your own if you like.

A carrier oil is needed to dilute essential oils to make them safe for skin contact.  I chose Almond Oil for its non-codomogenic properties, nearly complete lack of scent and fairly stain-free quality for clothing. I filled each roll-on bottle and added .25ml of each oil, two scents per bottle, and these were good to go.  They assemble easily, just be sure the little tool for removing roller balls is included if you plan to recycle and refill.

I have two of these bottles I keep with me at all times.  One, is Lavender/Lemon for a relaxing sigh as the day’s intensity ebbs on or before getting into bed for the night.  Next, Peppermint/Orange for headaches, sinus congestion and just feeling tired in general. A dab on each temple and wrist seems to work wonderfully.  I’ve had no issues with leaking etc., they also come in several colors, a lovely green among them.  These make wonderful gifts, assembled or in the box for the diy types we all seem to know.  Pinterest is also full of oil combination recipes, just don’t forget to dilute in a carrier oil and you’re set!



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