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The Wild Things

Was sitting in my garden one morning, the birds less than a foot away from me as they dug for worms and nibbled at stuff I couldn’t even see in the grass. They glanced up at me each time I breathed deeply.

Trust. I’d earned it.

inthegardenThey’ve learned me, as I have them, and gotten used to the sound of my tools, every sigh and footfall…they perch and watch me. Likely, because I know where every nest of babies is in my yard and garden near them. {smile} Likewise, I’ve noticed their favorite places for sun, shade and safety. Equally studied.

But there’s something very special to be said for being allowed near the deeply guarded. Because the truth is, they often don’t need anyone – they just decide they want someone there. They approve others through untainted interest and let them near, then inadvertently grow to need them over time. Funny thing is, if I sit and watch long enough, wait long enough – the birds come so close I’ll nearly forget the gentler ones are still wild.

Even so, there’s always something sudden to spur the flurry of flight and remind me they’ll just never be tame. Interesting, we often approach God much like the birds approach us – never quite close enough.

Trust. Not naïveté. Intentional trust, granted from their inner, untamed and guarded goodness – for reasons they nor I can explain. This is what makes them so incredibly captivating.

O Lord of Heaven’s Armies,  what joy for those who trust in you.  Psalm 84:12 nlt



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